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Catalytics platform empowers your team with open source tools, elastic infrastructure, and customizable workflows.


Decode the shopping basket of your customers to identify choice and sequence by leveraging transactional data

Gauge the effectiveness of your existing online and offline promotional activities based on business defined metrics and KPIs

Offer the right product/service combos to the right audience considering disparate customer and market segments

Plan your cross-sell and up-sell strategies suited to customer needs with apt promotion and pricing

Realtime simulator powered by Advanced Machine Learning helps to chalk out effective cross-sell/up-sell strategy on the fly


Recommendation engine helps the sales and distribution teams to target their audience more objectively across all markets

Simplistic interface transforms complex algorithms into actionable strategies be it churn, retention or cross-sell/up-sell

Tailormade Presentation layer applicable across mid-management to grass root sales agent requiring minimal interpretation effort

Introspection into current trends equips salesforce to offer the most effective promotion to the right vendor

Blend of Big Data, Mobility and Machine Learning makes SFA an apt choice for Sales & Distribution management

E-Commerce Watch

A hawk-eyed observer that helps to benchmark your brand against your competitors in the e-commerce space

Compare multiple e-commerce platforms across markets and geographies that run yours and your competitors’ business as well

Machine Learning, NLP and AI helps you narrow down to the aspects of price, rating, feedback

Customizable Business Intelligence layer imparts actionable insights that takes up as a digital consultant

Blend of Cloud, Mobility and Real Time Analytics helps you attune to the voice of customer and need of market


Solves the costliest problem of all marketers – Sales Promotion & Optimization, by combining Analytics, Technology, and Consulting

Gauge the effectiveness of your existing online and offline promotional activities based on business defined metrics and KPIs

Attribute influence of each promotion & campaign by segregating the impact on disparate sales & marketing channels

Plan the right mix of promotion and pricing dynamically, for your products/services to maximize the Return on Investment

One-Stop platform integrating Data Management, Business Insights and Intelligent Visualization powered by In-database Analytics


Gauge the impact of your promotional offers, seasonal discounts and loyalty programs to find the right mix of promotions

Cookie Tracking and Dynamic Tag Management enables you to follow digital footprint and delight your guests with personalized offers

Optimize your Resources and Operations with a clear ahead view of the projected service volume and occupancy rate

Dynamic Pricing maximizes RevPar by simulating multiple price scenarios based on room type, competitor information, seasonality & other factors.

Better your business insights through our Data Science enabled BI Platform powered by In-database Analytics

Make your data work for you.

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