AI, big data, cloud & Mobility to shape your sales & Market effectiveness, powered by 360 view of external & Internal Data

Sales & Marketing verticals in FMCG industry globally aim to get right performance metrices before they plan for any forward-looking activity, be it Trade Promotion, Price Changes, Retailers Outreach or Social Media Marketing. MarketMentor is a realtime digital platform that helps global FMCG & Retailer to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing spend, plan and forecast for future trade promotions or strategize for the loyality driven customer engagement program which improves revenue & profitablity.

Choose from the bouquet of +3 Solutions that will be convenient for the effective Sales & Marketing of your Brand to Enhance your Brand Share


Planning & forecast tool that measures promotional plus post-promotional effectiveness with media spend that ensures profitability.


Recommendation Engine & an AI-driven intelligent Account Manager, especially designed for sales & distribution to ensure effective account management and profit - driven marketing.


Real-time Planning & AI_driven Instropection tool especially designed for business planning based on Customer experience and behavior to ensure optimum customer respone & loyalty focused marketing.

Market mentor solutions


  • Realtime tracking & measurement of all marketing & promotional activities.
  • Trade Promotion Forecasting & Optimization for future planning & simulation.
  • Power of external data- Consumer Panel, Market Intelligence, Competition.
  • Integrated Solution powered by Data Science, Data Harmonization & PaaS.


  • Realtime recommendation system for Frontline Sales Team to manage Retailers.
  • Tailomade win back and loyalty management custome Engagement
  • Latest Trends & Insights from market to offer 360 view of the customer needs.
  • Mobile Application & Realtime Analytics powered by Big Data & Business Intelligence.


  • Plan for your cross-sell, up-sell and other combo offers to drive customer engagement.
  • Offer right Product at right time to the right customer at right price to ensure loyalty.
  • Live integration with your POS, E-Commerce Terminals for real time offer Management.
  • Cutting edge Machine Learning & AI coupled with Big Data for seamless Service.

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