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How Data Science as a Service is helping different Industries with different business problems?

Data Science helps clients to transform digitally with actionable insights empowered by latest technology. At Catalytics Datum, we blend the power of most cutting-edge Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning & Data Mining techniques with years of domain knowledge & experience to help you improve your top & bottom line of business goal.

Customer Analytics

Re-define your customers with their pluralistic essence through our customer analytics solution

We help you to move from one-size-fits-all strategy to tailor-made customer centric approach by integrating online & offline behaviour to understand consumer needs better and differentiate strategy between disparate groups based on need, choice & characteristics.

a. Profiling & Segmentation

b. Lifetime Value Modelling

c. Churn Management

d. Loyalty Management

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Social Media Analytics

Follow the digital trail and discover the topics, people and trends impacting your business.

Leverage your business insights with social media analytics, by actively tuning into your clientele’s digital impressions, affinity

a. CSAT & NPS Analytics

b. Topic Modelling

c. Competitor Benchmarking

d. Loyalty Management

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Marketing Analytics

Tailor your marketing pitch to unlock the key to your customer’s wallet.

As competition to dominate market share between global brands & retailers raging up our marketing analytics services helps you to stay ahead of curve with optimized marketing budget & maximized RoI

a. Market & Media Mix Modelling

b. Price & Promotional Effectiveness

c. Trade Promotion Optimization

d. Next Best Offer

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Supply Chain Analytics

Avail the first mover advantage to overcome demand volatility in supply markets by benchmarking your logistics performance

Accelerate your supply chain management right from sourcing to in-store delivery by anticipating demand, managing inventory or route to market, and reducing operational costs, by leveraging our supply chain analytics competency

a. Demand Forecasting

b. Inventory Planning & Optimization

c. Network Planning & Optimization

d. Route to Market Optimization

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Insights 2020

How Catalytics Datum is helping Retailers, Vendors and Brands succeed during pandemic.







One of the large manufacturers in Central Europe faces the problem of maintaining profitability of its existing enterprise clients and the challenge arises when defining the contracts & service level agreements with new clients that ensures both profitability & customer experience.

One of the largest healthcare & life sciences clients in South Asia were facing a challenge of Inventory Management across the distribution centres that is synchronized with Retail & Institutional market demand which leads to stock-outs & over-stocks causing revenue loss & working capital leakage.

One of the Largest Indian FMCG company were facing a challenge of with huge client base scattered across the vast expanse of the country, multiple promotional channels and marketing campaigns, exploiting the immense opportunities was proving to be a challenging task. The company was losing on the revenue.

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