Our Story

CATALYTICS DATUM, was established in late 2016, by a group of young and enthusiastic Data Science professionals with a vision to democratize Al amongst the Enterprise Customers to make data driven decision making as an organizational culture where Al, ML, Big Data & Business Intelligence becomes a must have process in each executive decision making rather than a good to have skill perceived to require huge investment & strong techno-academic background. We provide a unique experience where Human Intelligence & decades old business acumen of experienced professionals get augmented with strong vision & introspection into the dynamic business environment changing over a multitude factors including pandemic, global events, or environmental changes

We aim to provide a platform based productized approach to combine complex Data Science Algorithms to solve some of the fundamental business problems concerning growth, profitability, marketing Rol, demand & supply chain & customer experience management through some customizable business KPIs, metrics and ready to implement recommendations



Catalytics is proud to be part of Microsoft Partner Network and is present globally in India, UAE, Singapore, Europe & USA to become your partner in Digital Transformation


Strong focus on Retail | E-Commerce | CPG| Travel & Hospitality | Healthcare Services | Supply Chain | Distribution.

Aim to be a leading brand in Analytical Product Development with one-stop-shop flexibility for our clientele by 2023.

Strong competency in niche areas - Data Science, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Al and Operations Research.

Agile & PaaS (Platform as a Service) model solutions and services reduce operational overheads for our Clientele.




Continuous research & development to find the most suitable & time-tested models of all generations.



Reinforcement to learning, to skill better & sprouting to be the best



Universal environment to work & diversified culture, people & process, to achieve best potency



Aims to society, effective growth & cherishing welfare of environment surroundings & all beings